Drum & Disc Brake and Flywheel Machining
Using professional machining equipment we are able to carry out all of your drum rotor, disc brake and flywheel machining requirements. We are sure all jobs are completed with accuracy and precision.
Welding and Fabrication
We have vast experience in all forms of welding and fabrication. Through the years we have broadened our services and product range to include:

  Agricultural Fabrication and repairs (Augers and auger systems, field bins etc.)
  Customised Tool boxes
  Step Stringers
  Gates and Fencing panels
  Ute trays and repairs

Golf Buggy Trailers
We build our tilt buggy trailers from the ground up to be strong and durable. Depending on your requirements we are able to custom design and build to your suit needs. We also specialise in heavy duty and multi-purpose trailers. If you would like to make an enquiry please use the contact us link above or contact us by phone on (07) 4662 2480
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